Mission Statement: Creating a more beautiful world through random acts of kindness.

Our Story: The For Ellie Foundation was started by two young parents in the wake of the unexpected loss of their 2.5 month old daughter, Ellie. During her eulogy, Ellie’s father, Matt, explained that he and her mother believed there were two ways to react to this tragedy: Option one was to dig a hole and hide in it, and option two was to dig a hole and build a garden for the world to see. “It took 24 hours for Ashleigh and I to realize we were Option 2 people,” Matt said. In the weeks following their loss, the garden that is the For Ellie Foundation has been established. Through your donations, the For Ellie Foundation is building both a literal garden for the community, and a figurative garden by making the world a more beautiful place through random acts of kindness.