Ellie’s Moonflower Garden & the Labyrinth at Woods Church


As the first act of the For Ellie Foundation, a moonflower garden has been designed adjacent to the Labyrinth at Woods Presbyterian Memorial Church’s Care and Counseling Center in Severna Park, MD. The labyrinth project was envisioned and championed by Ellie’s great grandparents as a place for the whole community to reflect and meditate in a time of grief or sorrow. The Labyrinth at Woods is a modern adaptation of the medieval labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France. It is open to all for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. It can be used for a multitude of purposes by people of all ages, including individual spiritual connection, therapeutic and healing processes, church retreats, youth and school groups, and much more. Ellie’s Moonflower garden has been completed next to the labyrinth as an additional place for anyone in the community to enjoy. It is meant to be a place of healing, learning and reflection. A favorite flower of Ellie’s great grandmother, the moonflower blooms only at night or on overcast days, and represents light and beauty in the darkness. Ellie’s Moonflower Garden was dedicated at 10am on Saturday May 20th 2017, Ellie’s birthday. You can watch the dedication ceremony below.